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My dear customers get 30-50 pieces of  PHOTO DATA ( except absolute blurred ) by special file with resolution J-PEG format via e-mail in 3 weeks.

※ The Price advice for Party / Event photo

You can also share the cost later for the party-event photo who will have the party-event together.
I will send a link which can see all photo av your party-event to a customer who paid to me.
And this person can send this link to all who shared cost. Then it does’t cost so much for one people.





A. 2 500kr(ink. moms ) for 45min – about 10-30 pictures (MAN-THU )

B. 3 125kr(ink. moms ) for 45min – about 10-30 pictures ( FRI – SAT and holidays )

Daily Action photographing at your place. You can be just as usual and I will be like your paparazzi there.
Everyhing you do is ” As usual with your LOVE”



Style 2 : FEST / EVENT


A. 3750kr(ink. moms ) for 1.5 timmer – about 30-50 pictures

B. 5750kr(ink. moms ) for 3 timmer – about 50-70 pictures


Lovely decorations, dress-up and fancy time with your specials…
You can just be relax and enjoy your party / event so I can dokument the shining moments during your party / event.




Style 3 : Company’s party / event


A. Company party / event


B. Company travel documentary


C. Company conference documentary


※ Please contact me via e-mail: about more details, booking and price.




When you book the time, you pay 25 % of total cost as a deposit by internet bank ( I will send first invoice via e-mail ) after you pay the deposit, then your time is completely booked. You pay rest of all the cost in 20days after your photo-shooting.
You can change the time if you need later but you can not pay-back the deposit even when you canceled your booking anyhow because I book the time for you. Hope you understand about it.

I am based in South Sweden * Habo, Jönköping area but frequently travel all over Sweden and internationally. but I have to ask you extra traffic fee then. Hope you understand about my work.
Do drop me a line if you have a photography project you’d like to send me a e-mail :

Publishing Images

PHOTO BY MARI own the right to use the image in my work or commercial my self via hemsidan etc… But of course please tell me if you don’t want me to use your photo on publish. I do respect you.

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All photo which you get is yours. You can print out, make your photo book, publish on your Facebook, Instagram etc… I do love to be tagged by you then :)