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Japanese traditional shoes “ZO-RI”

02 March 2016

These are my shoes for KIMONO.
Very old ones which were used by my grandmother and my mother. 3 generations.

logo 6
My grandparents lived in Kyoto which is very historic city in Japan.
And they had a design shop which produced handmade “Kyoto-Bamboo blinds” = KYO-SUDARE.
My mother used to work as an KIMONO-teacher/ KIMONO-coordinator. 
Unfortunitely she past away 12 years ago because of the cancer.
She left many beautiful Kimonos for me and my sister. For instance these shoes.
Now these old beautiful shoes flew across the sea and now stand firmly on Swedish land.
Probably my 3 daughters will also try them on someday.
I’m sure that my grandparents and my mother in heaven are happy about that :)

logo 12

                 Wonderful to feel that these ZO-RI tramped on many places – such a long journey! :)
Miss you always, my mother…
Hope I can meet you even in my dream and want to say that I live happily in Sweden now.
And “thank you” to Mam…

To be continued…