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17 February 2016

Hello, My dear readers! Thank you very much for visiting here! 
Today I packed up one of the season boxes
from our storage for “the girl’s festival / HINAMATSURI” which is held on the 3rd of March.
A simple description for this festival is “a celabration to daughters” where people in Japan pray for a girl’s growth and happy life.

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When I moved to Sweden, my father asked me if I wanted to bring the traditional HINA doll for my daughters.
 I wanted to, but I know it’s very big. So I brought just a few small figures that are also very beautiful.

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And today our HINA doll sat on the snow. Maybe no other Japanese HINA doll have ever done that in Sweden:)
What a special experience! hehe. They did look quite cold – but still beautiful…

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“What a long life-Journey I have…she probably thought…;)

Sometimes I feel a bit sorry for my three daughters because they miss out on many of the annual Japanese traditional culture events – as they live in Sweden (But of course they can get Swedish beautiful culture instead…:)  No complaining! :) So we usually celebrate Japanese festivals at home in Sweden in a “Minimalistic Style”
– in a way just like Japanese appreciate “compact” living;)

Just for your information, I attach this link in regards to the ” Girls festival in japan ”  

Have a nice day!