Mari.G:W - Event & Daily Documentary photographer

About me

SEmptyName 123Hi! KONNICHIWA! My name is Mari.G:W
I am a Japanese woman living in the southern part of  Sweden (Habo). I moved here from Yokohama in 2008. I speak Japanese, English, Chinese and finally now after a few years also fairly ok Swedish:). I’m married to a Swedish man and have 3 wonderful daughters (2, 4 and 8 years of age). Just before I came to Sweden, I worked as a Japanese teacher at a university just outside of Shanghai, China. In Japan – during my university studies, I used to work in a Photo-Print shop which gave me the fundamental urge to some day work with photography in various of ways. In Sweden I have been working as an assistant photographer at Studio Dittmer outside of Jönköping

There is always a story about each family, partner and friend. Make sure to capture some of those memories… I’m here because I was there with you. Get more energy from today and tomorrow. Live every day as though it were the last!